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Anger Management

RETHINK Anger Management

RETHINK© is a training program that teaches reactivity and anger management skills to adolescents and adults. 

The seven combined skills taught help individuals decrease their reactivity to situation and relationship triggers.
RETHINK is an acronym and stands for:

R  - recognizing your emotional triggers
E  - empathizing with the other person, putting yourself in their shoes
T  - focusing on the thoughts about what gets you angry
H - hearing where the other person is coming from (verbal & non-verbal)
I   - integrating anger with love and respect
N - noticing what your body feels like when you're angry
K - keeping the conversation in the present

This workshop provides training and seven skills to provide participants with an understanding of how they can begin to take steps to improve and manage their emotional reactivity.  This program was requested by Fairfax County’s District Court Probation Staff to be used as a resource for their clients.  This is a great start towards helping individuals improve their relationships and interactions and decrease their emotional reactivity!

We have a reduced fee group program when we have enough clients to run the weekly group. Otherwise, we charge $350.00 for the initial evaluation and then $165.00 for each individual session held.


Call 703-552-8188 for more information or to schedule the initial session.

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