Our Differences

Our Mission IS

Mental Health

We're a practice created by counselors, designed to help people and families in need and do to it in a way that has long-lasting, positive results.


Our CARE Approach

As a leader in outpatient services, we understand that CARE is more than a service, it is an approach.

Successful CARE can only be accomplished if it is Coordinated, Appropriate, Responsive, and Effective. 

CARE allows families to become whole and achieve long lasting and meaningful results by creating and managing connections with valuable resources at the time when families need them most.

Advancing Behavioral Health

Envision Counseling is a partner of ncgCARE, an established behavioral health company spanning four states, dedicated to the mission of improving lives. Our counselors work with the ncgCARE Institute, which aims to raise the bar on clinical care by focusing on innovation, outcomes, and training. This means our counselors have access to the latest techniques and practices to help our clients.