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Larceny Reduction Program


The Larceny Reduction Program sessions include an initial individual Intake/Orientation session, then five group sessions.


The first individual session is $100 and the group sessions are $50 for each session. This program is designed to address the thinking and behavior patterns that lead to stealing. It is a program primarily targeting adolescents, but inclusive of the parents at the Orientation/Intake session as well as having them participate in at least one Parent Group session during the time frame that their student is involved.



The initial Intake/Orientation session: $100; Each of the five group sessions cost $50. Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card and is expected before each session.



The parent will call to schedule the Intake/orientation session and determine the time frame for the group sessions.


Group sessions

Sessions will be held on Tuesday’s from 5-6 pm. The group sessions are held in five week rotations in order to provide appropriate sequencing of material. Please call for determination of next start date.


Topics covered include 
  • Stages of Change Model

  • Larceny Behavior and Impact of Society

  • Virginia Code on shoplifting/theft; Distorted Thinking Patterns

  • Risk vs. Rewards

  • Impact of Social Pressures on Behaviors

  • Changing Behavior for the Long Term

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