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functions is Envision Counseling’s adolescent treatment group. It is a weekly program comprised of three 50 minute sessions that occur between 6-8 p.m. In the first 50-minute session, the adolescents participate in a treatment group with two Envision therapists on goal identification and progress, with a particular focus on the student’s functioning within their family, school and community. At 7 p.m., the adolescents work in an Education Discussion Group (EDG). This group focuses on current adolescent topics such as relationships, anger management, character development, mental health strategies, substance abuse and dependency. Concurrently with this second group, parents participate in a group forum to explore changes they need to make to provide support, modeling and direction for their families.


Requirements for Completion:

Phase I: A minimum of 16 weeks spent improving functioning in the following areas*:

  • Abstinence or sobriety from all substances

  • Improved family interactions

  • Improved academic or work performance

  • Improved mental and physical health

  • Participation in treatment

*Other goals may be developed individually based on the client needs.

After completion of Phase I, the client and family will return to groups on a monthly basis for a minimum of four months as an aftercare component (Phase II). Typically, this will be set for the first week of each month. Graduation occurs after completion of Phase II.

Additional resources/features:

  • Weekly breathalyzers and random urine tests (up to 10) occur throughout course of treatment and are included in the weekly cost. Additional urine drug screens may be added at separate cost.

  • Families have access to Envision Counseling therapists 24 hours a day via phone.

  • Collateral contact with other therapists, doctors or probation or school counselors is maintained to provide a consistent approach to treatment.

  • Expert individual and/or family therapy can be scheduled at an additional cost to address specific concerns.

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