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Happy family

Change comes from within, and it begins with a
vision of what we wish
to become...

We're here to help
you find it.

Serving individuals and families throughout Virginia

in person and via telehealth.

Now accepting commercial insurance!  For clients who wish to use insurance, 

we accept Aetna, Optum, Carefirst BCBS, Anthem BCBS, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna. 

We are also an approved out-of-network provider for most other insurance companies. 

Please call us for more information.

Every single one of us deals with mental health concerns at times during our lives.

Stress, anxiety, and sadness can come and go, but they can also begin to take a toll on

our quality of life.  Whether you have occasional issues or more significant and chronic

concerns, Envision Counseling has the right treatment.

We are an approved provider of the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) for people who have been referred from a court, typically for a conviction of driving under the influence (DUI).

Couples counseling

Relationships can be hard and even harder during times of stress. Let our marriage and family therapists help.

Substance use services

Envision Counseling is known for substance use treatment.

Do you think you might

have an issue?


Envision Counseling offers expert insights at your convenience - whenever and however you want.

Child & family counseling

The child and family dynamic can be a difficult one.

Envision Counseling can

help you affect meaningful change in family relationships.


From one small practice in Northern Virginia to a family of behavioral health partners across the east coast - we've come a long way in 30 years!

Celebrating 30 years



See what clients are saying about their experiences with Envision Counseling.

Check out our 2022 Outcomes.


“[My therapist] is wonderful. She guides me, encourages me, and helps me resolve deeply buried issues. I trust her completely.”


“I have done therapy for a couple years on and off and had numerous different therapists. My therapist [at Envision Counseling] is by far the best therapist I have ever had! I have made so much progress in such a small amount of time and I couldn’t be happier with my care!" 


 "I would 10/10 highly recommend Envision Counseling to anyone that just needs a little help understanding themselves and does not know where to begin.”

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