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Every single one of us deals with mental health concerns at times during our lives.

Stress, anxiety, and sadness can come and go, but they can also begin to take a toll on

our quality of life.  Whether you have occasional issues or more significant and chronic

concerns, Envision Counseling has the right treatment.

Relationships can be hard and even harder during times of stress. Let our marriage and family therapists help.

Envision Counseling is known for substance use treatment. Do you think you might have an issue?

Envision Counseling offers expert insights at your convenience - whenever and however you want.

The child and family dynamic can be a difficult one. Envision Counseling can help you affect meaningful change in family relationships.



With the ongoing pandemic, it's more important than ever for girls to stay connected with their peer group. 

Check out our newest service dedicated to girls ages 12 - 17. 


"I am very happy with my treatment from Envision Counseling. [My counselor] is understanding yet validating.
"[My Envision counselor] is a very qualified and knowledgeable counselor in keeping me moving forward with my treatment program and my overall sobriety."
"Treatment has given us a good, helpful perspective. Life changing!"