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Magnolia Women's Group

Our Envision office is now offering adult women in recovery an opportunity to meet on a weekly basis in a gender specific treatment group. The program is designed to provide clients with a caring environment that is supportive in addressing the past and learning strategies to address and change addictive behaviors. Our Magnolia Women’s group goal is to assist women in establishing and maintaining a substance –free life, combined with improving family relationships, self-esteem, mental health and gaining healthy independence.

Treatment Philosophy

The Magnolia Women’s Group incorporates the best of science, empirical outcomes and tradition to help women find hope and recovery from addictions. At Envision, our experienced, licensed and certified staff integrates several theoretical perspectives, evidenced-based therapies, 12-step philosophy and Smart Recovery practices to assist our clients in living a meaningful and healthy life.

The Magnolia Women’s Group will be held on Monday’s between 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. at our Annandale location. If you are interested in attending this empowering group for women struggling with addiction, please call Dr. Monica Barrett at 703-627-2782, for an initial assessment appointment.

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