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Envision Counseling, LLC.

Envision Counseling helps you to find a positive vision and bring it to life. At Envision, we provide expert counseling and treatment services to adolescents, young adults, and adults suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse issues. We utilize diverse modalities to include individual, family, and group treatment so that each of our clients may fulfill their journey of change in the way that best suits their individual needs.

Our CARE Approach

As a leader in outpatient services, we understand that CARE is more than a service, it is an approach.

Successful CARE can only be accomplished if it is Coordinated, Appropriate, Responsive, and Effective. 

CARE allows families to become whole and achieve long lasting and meaningful results by creating and managing connections with valuable resources at the time when families need them most.


To Improve Lives.


To be recognized as the most trusted health and human services agency in our communities.


Empowering individuals 

through exceptional service and

engaged employees.


Our Partners' Promises

We are committed to improving lives through a service model that we proudly call CARE. CARE allows individuals, parents, families, and professionals to achieve their goals and experience long-lasting and meaningful results. We promise to provide CARE through...
Active Communication

We will promptly deliver valuable information.

Individualized Care

Our work will be meaningful and adapt to your needs.

Dependable Results

We will never give up on you.

Timely Access

Services and supports will begin quickly and easily.

Unwavering Integrity

We will always do the right thing.


Envision Counseling's mission is to improve lives, including those of our employees. 

Through highly engaging training, opportunities within the company to grow, and a focus on a healthy work-life balance, we are able to have the best team to execute the best CARE to all of our individuals we serve. 

Learn more about our current opportunities and start the career you deserve. 

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A proud partner

In 2015, Envision Counseling partnered with ncgCARE, Inc. Learn more about our partnership and the leadership team at ncgCARE. 

A proud partner

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Envision is a self-pay counseling group and does not participate in private insurance.

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